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Social Privacy?

I may not have been class yesterday due to an awesome stomach bug that’s been going around, but I am still able to shed some light on your privacy in the social media world. Does that scare you? Well it should, my friend, and here’s why. The big guys upstairs, the corporations, tend to have a terrible looking Terms of Service, TOS, since creation. You might as well call your lawyer and have him sit down with you just to make sure you are covering your derriere. If you don’t have one then good luck. I will still be reading over my Facebook’s TOS. Trust me, it’s going to take a while. I am just going to guess that most people, myself included, do not actually read these boring things, however, you should. Oh look at this pretty infographic instead of me boring you. Look at the pretty picture.

Now, I know that was just a pretty graphic, right? WRONG! It may seem nicer than looking at words, but the message should still be clear. It is important to protect yourself from online piracy and privacy. If you want to look at what a TOS should look like, then mozy on over to Microsoft’s Terms of Service page. It may actually surprise you. It may not be specifically be for Social Media, but it get’s my point across. Let’s hope that other companies follow suit.



3 thoughts on “Social Privacy?

  1. First off, I am glad that you (unknowingly) clarified what derriere was. After Blakeman’s class, I constantly left wondering what my “dairy air” was. Secondly, wow. That’s really all there is left to say after reading that infographic. I am sufficiently disturbed.

    Posted by Shannon Drew | September 6, 2012, 1:17 am
  2. Wow! Great infographic! Thanks for sharing! More importantly, I hope you are feeling better. Dr. C

    Posted by Dr. C | September 6, 2012, 2:06 pm

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