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Social Media and Employment

Today, I began to really think about what I want to do after college. I am currently a senior and have an amazing internship, but what do I really want do and how do I do it? I know that I want a career in the advertising world dealing with new media at some point. I also am a full fledged fan of the digital space. I use the Internet at work, school and home. I am hoping that someone will find my blog useful and, who knows, maybe get a job offer or two. (Right?) I am continually learning and expanding on how to brand myself online, but do potential employers actually look at this stuff? Sometimes I feel like I am rambling to no one, but it makes me happy and I find it better than talking to myself. Although, I have heard that speaking to ones self is a type of genius at work. I could be wrong, but let’s just go with it.

My point is that I was curious to see how many employers look through social media to find potential employees or at least knock out a few bad eggs. As someone may not always have the most flattering pictures or tweets, I tend to make sure who is able to view what about me. If you are not my “friend” or “follower,” then good luck trying to find dirt on me. Now, if you know anything about me and my posting style, then I am about to lay on you a sweet infographic. I hope you enjoy!

I would advise you to just think about what you post in the digital space. It may not affect you now, but it could come to bite you in the rear at a later date. Basically, do not be one of those lame (awesome?) people who posts a picture of you skills at binge drinking. Most employers are not interested in that type of skill set. Then again, I could be wrong.



2 thoughts on “Social Media and Employment

  1. This is a great infographic. I used to be skeptical about how many employers really use social media to hire people, but you definitely cleared that up!

    Posted by The Other Side of the Lens | September 8, 2012, 3:07 pm

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