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What’s in a Keyword

Does anyone know how to use keywords? Well as a newbie to this whole blogging thing, I have yet to figure how to make my posts more “influential.” By that I just mean that I want more people to at least look at my blog. It makes me feel just a little bit better seeing knowing that someone somewhere is looking at what I write.

Today in my social media class we chatted about how to drive people to your site. That all belongs in the keywords you use. Also, if you are a giant corporation and have money to spend, then you can always pay for some Google ads or maybe Yahoo. Of course, Yahoo isn’t really a thing anymore. Anyways, keywords or as they are called “tags” in the WordPress world are the searchable words that make people come to your blog when others type them into any search engine.

This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involving SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is typically now called a science which I have yet to figure out. I cannot really speak of things of what I do not know so I will let some of the awesome infographics do that work for me.

SEO Tactics

Browse more data visualization.

Depending on your situation, this infographic could give you a great starting point to begin your life staring at analysis programs that shows what the best tactics are for your specific purpose. I will attempt to show you some of my analytics at a later date when I want to start bragging about how many users I have now. Well that might be in distant future, but it is at least a challenge that I am willing to accept.



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