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Oh You (TK)

So if any of you haven’t heard about my lovely university, then chances are that you have now. UTK has been travelling the good ole television circuit locally and now national for good and bad reasons. I’ll start with the bad just to get it out of the way.

Last weekend, some of our fraternity students decided have a little more fun than usual after a football game. Some bad things happened that I do not really want to talk about but the spotlight is now on UTK for all the wrong reasons. You can check here if you want the (unofficial) story. I’ll go ahead and wait to let you get caught up on all that madness. I am not going to talk in detail about it just because it is embarrassing to our school, and I actually have no idea what happened.

Me being a social media geek, is sad to say that when you google University of Tennessee that is the first story that comes up. It’s unfortunate that our good ole southern university is getting all the wrong types of spotlight. I mean, we are still a great university and this just tarnishes what we stand for. Mainly because we were caught doing something stupid…

Now to the good part! This Monday, October 1st, the Today show will be on our campus! I’m pretty excited about it, even though I cannot attend. The University of Tennessee won a contest and the lovely Kathie Lee and Hoda are coming to the Hill. Not the bar. God no, not the bar. I want to say that the victory was in part to social media and the crazy world of Twitter. Many of our students tweeted saying awesome it would be to have them here. Our University does not exactly have the best reputation right now so this is a good chance to start fresh and put the past behind us. So, if you can, check out the Today show on Monday morning around 10:00am!
Check out the TNJN article here.

On a side note, I do not speak for UTK and these are only my personal thoughts.



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