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iOS6 Maps

I know people have been complaining about the maps for iOS6 (myself included), but on September 27th, Apple sent out an official apology stating that they sent out a product that was not ready. They even have a place on the App Store to download better maps for the Apple devices.

I think that Apple is taking the right steps to resolve the situation and hope that it becomes a great service. Until that has fixed, I will be using a different service (mapquest) even though I like the Apple Maps interface much better.

The only reason I have an issue with the maps is because I had to go to the Oak Ridge AT&T store because once I bought my iPhone 5, I left my relatively expensive sunglasses there so I had to go and get them. That’s when the problem started. I didn’t remember how to get back to the store. I relied on my pretty new device to take me to store. Wrong decision. It failed to take me where I needed to go. I was in a time crunch and had to get there soon. I eventually found it because I used to have swim practice in Oak Ridge every night during high school. If I didn’t have that previous experience, then I would have had to make an extra trip some other time.



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