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Sandy, don’t worry about it, nobody’s watching.

Yeah, I used a Grease quote to start my post. Problems? Anyways, I attempted to stay away from the whole Sandy issue the past few days, but it looks like I’m about to crack. Probably not for reasons that you might think. In our social media class, we began talking about crisis communication. Well, Frankenstorm … Continue reading

Are You Watching?

This is considered an addition to my “Second Screen” post except that is more about how excited I am for December as I will be watching so much TV! As I was thinking about how I only have about a month left of classes this semester, I had an epiphany. Due to all the work … Continue reading

That’s Right… Maxipads

When I started this blog, I never thought I would talk about this subject. It never ever crossed my mind. Well if it was on my¬†subconscious¬† bucket list, then go ahead and cross that one out. I was reading some news this morning on Adweek like I always do. I came across this funny article … Continue reading

Me No Likey

During our social media course, my professor always stresses how difficult it is for our Advertising/PR page on Facebook to get any likes. It is like pulling teeth. Well, I am here to say that it is not just the small pages that are having this problem. As Mashable states, on average, just 6% of … Continue reading

Twitter makes the Earth feel

As I was researching some news in the social media world, I came across this beautiful website called twitarium that holds the concept called emotional Earth. [emotional Earth] extracts emotional words from a tweet and displays a color-coded circle. Warm colors are used for the positive emotions, and cold colors are used for the negative … Continue reading


No, I did not misspell anything. I have recently been researching the awesomeness that is social gaming. I have come across the same point over and over again. So, if you are in my social media, then look away! I am going to present on this stuff in just a few days. Can you wait … Continue reading

And the Survey Says…

Twitter. It’s all about Twitter these days. The company is amping up its spending and bringing you…surveys. That’s right. I said surveys. Twitter wants Promoted Tweet advertisers to better understand what they are getting for their services. Are people actually clicking on these things? I don’t know. I don’t work at Twitter but maybe one … Continue reading