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And the Survey Says…

Twitter. It’s all about Twitter these days. The company is amping up its spending and bringing you…surveys. That’s right. I said surveys. Twitter wants Promoted Tweet advertisers to better understand what they are getting for their services. Are people actually clicking on these things? I don’t know. I don’t work at Twitter but maybe one day…

I don’t typically use Twitter to pick up on the lasted advertisements, but I know that they are out there and typically right on my little timeline. The new surveys will be called Twitter Surveys (original), the interesting thing is that it will not be a typical survey. The survey will ask consumers (like you, not me) a 1-5 questions in the manner of opinion, and your answer will be a tweet. That’s kind of cool, but I do not want to be the person who has to sift through all those answers. I’ve done it, but I am not a fan of it. They only people who will be joining these Twitter Surveys will be those who follow that specific brand or those people who meet targeting parameters. Good ‘ole Nielsen (those TV ratings guys) will be helping plan the surveys and go through all the juicy data.

This Adweek article states that “in tests so far, response rates to the surveys have mirrored Twitter’s normal Promoted Tweet engagement rate of 1 to 3 percent.” Is that a good number? Well, it does not seem like because they are not gaining any more interaction than normal. Sad? Maybe. The article also states that these surveys solves a big problem. Well, I believe it is not solving the more than it is bringing the problem to light. Most people will answer these surveys more honestly than they would because it’s easier to be more rash behind a computer screen or other electronic device.

Just for fun, I’m going to give you some sweet social media statistics. It’s all free so take a gander!

On a side note, Twitter is opening a new office in Brazil. Sounds like some new job opportunities if you’re into that sort of thing! Aren’t we all? Well I’m a little rusty on my Portuguese so ta ta for now!



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