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Twitter makes the Earth feel

As I was researching some news in the social media world, I came across this beautiful website called twitarium that holds the concept called emotional Earth.

[emotional Earth] extracts emotional words from a tweet and displays a color-coded circle. Warm colors are used for the positive emotions, and cold colors are used for the negative emotions. It corresponds to the five most frequently used languages in the Twitter, English, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese.

I can find myself looking at this for hours. It is a beautiful combination of emotions whether they are sad or happy. It shows true feeling behind someone’s tweet. I find that the more I look at this rotating sphere the more I want to engage those people who are feeling whatever emotion. It makes me feel happy when I see the word and the color associated with it. Emotional Earth also makes me feel sad when or empathy towards the person who is having a bad day.

Emotional Earth makes me feel human and shows that we are all, I mean ALL, going through some difficult or exciting time in our lives. Inventions like this algorithm and Twitter in general make the world seem very small.

As cultures around the world are different from my own, it is nice to see the human side of everyone.

I also attempted to make one of my tweets post in the globe but to no avail.
Who knows, maybe next time! To everyone at UT, have a good Fall Break!

Here is a video by Dengak5 (the creators)

These guys also have a few more inventions such as follower distribution and other neat things. Enjoy!



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