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That’s Right… Maxipads

When I started this blog, I never thought I would talk about this subject. It never ever crossed my mind. Well if it was on my subconscious  bucket list, then go ahead and cross that one out. I was reading some news this morning on Adweek like I always do. I came across this funny article about how a man wrote on Bodyform’s (creators of Maxipad) Facebook page stating he was lied to about how his girlfriend would act during “that time of the month” through the company’s commercials. I know I may be a little out of my element, but I can always enjoy a good laugh or two. It just goes to show that people need to be aware of what they are posting on social media sites. You never know who is watching or how they will react. In this case, personally, I think it was a great and sarcastic way to solve a problem. We all remember the Starbucks incident right? No. Well maybe you should check up on it here. I’m sure Richard was attempting to get some sort of satisfaction out of this so I hope that worked out for him. I believe that Bodyform made a very prompt response that would have upset some people if they did not respond. I bet no one thought they would respond how they did. Pure Genius.

Richard states that his girlfriend never has a happy period but instead turns into the vomit spewing exorcist girl. It’s great imagery. The best part about this is that Bodyform came back with an awesome and humorous rebuttal that puts Richard to shame. The video states that everything they do in the commercials is a metaphor rather than to be taken literally. It is hilarious and very well written. So men, if you are a little squeamish about how women really act, then I advise you to not watch the video. Actually, do, because it is hilarious!

Will this be Maxipad’s new campaign strategy? One can only hope. Well maybe it’s a little too grotesque for daily television. Everyone have a great manic Monday!



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