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Crisis Communication

Sandy, don’t worry about it, nobody’s watching.

Yeah, I used a Grease quote to start my post. Problems? Anyways, I attempted to stay away from the whole Sandy issue the past few days, but it looks like I’m about to crack. Probably not for reasons that you might think.

In our social media class, we began talking about crisis communication. Well, Frankenstorm is probably one of the biggest crises that we, as a country, have faced in while. Sandy is also a nice break from the crazy political debacle that is now my Facebook page. I told my professor that I would stay away, but due to a some silly choices by some major brands, I just could not fight anymore.

Everyone knows these two brands, Gap and American Apparel. The brands may or may not have recently put ads on social media sites during the currently insaneness that is Hurricane Sandy.

Gap via Twitter:

I find it in pretty bad taste to place an ad during a storm. I actually am a fan of Gap as a clothing brand. I am pretty sure I am wearing a few of its clothing items right now. Anyway, the tweet has brought some voices saying that the company will do anything for publicity. As a brand, is that necessarily a bad thing? It depends on the situation. Hurricane Sandy is nothing to take so lightly. Yes, there have been memes about it. Most of those are consumer generated. Brands should have a smarter business sense than that.

Here is a response to the tweet:

It seems that the people at Gap found their mistake before a major outbreak, but was the damage already done? Who knows? We will just have to see how this plays out.

American Apparel’s ad, in my opinion, was worse than the Gap incident. It basically says in case you are bored… Seems a little insensitive at the moment. The storm is still affecting many people in the north-east. What makes this company think that they are people’s priority list? I will let you decide for yourself.

Even if this is a legitimate sale, the only places where the sale is provided is around Hurricane Sandy. It seems like such a stupid gimmick to me. How did anyone in the company think that this was a good idea? I mean seriously? Someone has to have a brain in that company.

Response via Twitter:

I hope that everyone who is affected by the storm is safe and sound. Maybe in some comfy new clothes? Right.

Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy the Thriller!



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