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False Advertisements and You

The average person sees hundreds if not thousands of ads every day. How do consumers decide which ads are false or true? That is the question. Consumers want to believe everything they hear. Well, in this day and age, society is a little bit more skeptical than they used to be. With the help of … Continue reading

Twitter Mappings

Happy Holidays everyone! No with our bellies full of ham, turkey and maybe something called turducken, it is time to get back to business. As we all know, social media never sleeps even during the holiday season. Have you ever heard of a company called floatingsheep? No, well I didn’t until a few days ago. … Continue reading

Learnings of the Week

Today I am deciding to post some fun and sad things that went on this week. Let’s just call this a recap to the “Matthew Busby Show.” Get it? No? Well, it’s an inside joke so it’s not really for you… Let’s start off with sad, shall we? The beautiful and tasty snacks of my … Continue reading

Social Media Sites and How to Manage Them

Hello all. During my social media class, we had a lovely presentation by @MiriamWeidner from Radian6 also known as @marketingcloud. Radian6 is a large scale social media service where companies hire them to take advantage of all of its tools and services to optimize their social integration on social media sites. Salesforce Radian6 and Salesforce … Continue reading


As we all know, Facebook is now the proud owner of Instagram. As my post yesterday stated, the first change has been to give its users a web page where everyone can see their uploaded photos. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Because I like to keep my own social media content relatively private, … Continue reading


So I may not be a part the Instagram universe, but I love the idea of it. Now, Instagram is no longer just an old school app that lives on your phone. Can I really use old school and app in the same sentence? Crap, I just did it again. As of a few days … Continue reading

Social Media and the Economy

Are the average consumers at fault for our bad economy? According to this Mashable article, yes, yes we are. In the small chance that you actually get paid for your posts or work on social media then good for you. As for us regular people, we may want to cut back on our social media … Continue reading