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Social Media and the Economy

Are the average consumers at fault for our bad economy? According to this Mashable article, yes, yes we are. In the small chance that you actually get paid for your posts or work on social media then good for you. As for us regular people, we may want to cut back on our social media use for productivity’s sake.

In an average day, I am on Facebook or Twitter non-stop. Whether it be from my phone or my computer, I am always logged on to one of those sites. I can spend hours upon hours stalking my friends on Facebook or reading random people’s tweets. Is it a time waster? Am I solving the countries economic problem through social media. No, but I love to see what my friends are doing. Is that justified? Well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Infographic time!!

Usually during midterms or finals, I see many of my friends Facebook’s statuses saying “See you after finals, Facebook” or something to that nature. Then maybe five to 10 minutes later, they are back online. They just couldn’t stay away. I don’t believe that any of my friends are considered dumb, but maybe we just have short attention spans.

In our society, we believe that keeping in touch with others is important, but is that more important than staying productive at work? Who knows? As of right now, our economy is not exactly up to par and maybe social media is playing a part in it? The people to blame are not the companies who run the sites but the users of the sites who can’t take more than a few hours without being on a social network site.

Maybe we should try a little better to be more productive when it counts.



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