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So I may not be a part the Instagram universe, but I love the idea of it. Now, Instagram is no longer just an old school app that lives on your phone. Can I really use old school and app in the same sentence? Crap, I just did it again. As of a few days ago, Instagram gave its users web profile pages. It is quite a pretty place to share your photos online now. The best part may be that the cover photo is a rotating collage of the pictures that you have uploaded. It is a simple way to get people excited.

However, with the good also comes the bad. So what does that mean for you, current user? It means that you can be creeped on by the wonderful stalkers in your life. I like to call this Instacreepin’. The default privacy settings makes your new web profile open to the public, much like your twitter page. You will have to manually go into your privacy settings to make sure only certain people are able to see all your photos. Instagram used to do a great job by only letting you see the site via its app and having to scroll through all of your pictures. It’s almost like a built-in stalker deterrence feature. Now when you just type in Instagram.com/[user name], everyone and their momma can see ALL of your photos. Is that a good thing? Well, that is up to you.




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