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As we all know, Facebook is now the proud owner of Instagram. As my post yesterday stated, the first change has been to give its users a web page where everyone can see their uploaded photos. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Because I like to keep my own social media content relatively private, I am going to tell you why you should care who can see your photos.

“Anyone, anywhere will be able to see Instagram users’ content unless they have private accounts.” states this Mashable article.

Facebook and Instagram have made this process quite easy for everyone unlike the intensely specific Facebook privacy settings. By switching to a more private Instagram, any user that wishes to follow us must send a request for approval. This is very similar to what Twitter does for private tweets. If Instagram has already switched over your web page to the new layout, then you will find some striking similarities between Facebook and Instagram. On the webpage, people can see all of your pictures in chronological order and continue to like and comment on them. However, you will not be able to upload pictures via the web page. That still must be done via the app on your mobile device.

I am a huge fan of online privacy just because I do not feel everyone needs to see into my daily life. As long as I have my privacy settings functioning then I will not be worrying about people seeing things they were not meant to. Let’s not make anymore Instacreeps than we already have to. Yes, I am still attempting to make this a thing.



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