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Pinterest Spammers Beware

Pinterest announced last Thursday that it is cracking down on spammer accounts. Pinterest has created a team just for this purpose. The social media site has attempted to purge the site of copyrighted material and spam in the past, but this is the first attempt fix the major spam problem. Pinterest is meant to be … Continue reading

A New Way to Share Instagram Profiles

As of now, the only way for Instagrammers to show their profiles to the masses was to leave a link on their website or blog. This may seem like a silly task for some, but the masses were not happy about this. Instragram has now given users an easier way to implement their new profile … Continue reading

Twitter Mappings

Happy Holidays everyone! No with our bellies full of ham, turkey and maybe something called turducken, it is time to get back to business. As we all know, social media never sleeps even during the holiday season. Have you ever heard of a company called floatingsheep? No, well I didn’t until a few days ago. … Continue reading

Social Media Sites and How to Manage Them

Hello all. During my social media class, we had a lovely presentation by @MiriamWeidner from Radian6 also known as @marketingcloud. Radian6 is a large scale social media service where companies hire them to take advantage of all of its tools and services to optimize their social integration on social media sites. Salesforce Radian6 and Salesforce … Continue reading


As we all know, Facebook is now the proud owner of Instagram. As my post yesterday stated, the first change has been to give its users a web page where everyone can see their uploaded photos. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE! Because I like to keep my own social media content relatively private, … Continue reading


So I may not be a part the Instagram universe, but I love the idea of it. Now, Instagram is no longer just an old school app that lives on your phone. Can I really use old school and app in the same sentence? Crap, I just did it again. As of a few days … Continue reading

Social Media and the Economy

Are the average consumers at fault for our bad economy? According to this Mashable article, yes, yes we are. In the small chance that you actually get paid for your posts or work on social media then good for you. As for us regular people, we may want to cut back on our social media … Continue reading

Are You Watching?

This is considered an addition to my “Second Screen” post except that is more about how excited I am for December as I will be watching so much TV! As I was thinking about how I only have about a month left of classes this semester, I had an epiphany. Due to all the work … Continue reading

That’s Right… Maxipads

When I started this blog, I never thought I would talk about this subject. It never ever crossed my mind. Well if it was on my¬†subconscious¬† bucket list, then go ahead and cross that one out. I was reading some news this morning on Adweek like I always do. I came across this funny article … Continue reading

Me No Likey

During our social media course, my professor always stresses how difficult it is for our Advertising/PR page on Facebook to get any likes. It is like pulling teeth. Well, I am here to say that it is not just the small pages that are having this problem. As Mashable states, on average, just 6% of … Continue reading