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Social Media Sites and How to Manage Them

Hello all. During my social media class, we had a lovely presentation by @MiriamWeidner from Radian6 also known as @marketingcloud. Radian6 is a large scale social media service where companies hire them to take advantage of all of its tools and services to optimize their social integration on social media sites. Salesforce Radian6 and Salesforce … Continue reading

iOS 6 is here!

As of last week the new iPhone 5 has been announced. This was not the only major thing Apple came out with that day. Their team also spoke of a new iOS update for the iPhone and iPad. So here is what you need to know. The new iOS 6 is available for download as … Continue reading

The Next Generation

Our society seems to always be caught up in the “next big thing.” We wait impatiently for the next device to come out that is almost identical to the previous version. It is just a little bit faster and a little bit better. Does that matter? Yes, obviously it does or we would not pre-order … Continue reading

The Second Screen

Have you all heard about the second screen? No? Well, how about this, have you ever watched TV while working on your laptop, smartphone or tablet? Well then, congratulations, you are part of the second screen experience! Advertisers across the globe are looking for people just like you to use the second screen. TV shows … Continue reading